Legal Option, Ovejas, Sucre

Multipurpose Land Registry

In the context of the implementation of the ""Formalization and Multipurpose Cadastre"" pilot project, Opción Legal required to contract the acquisition of an orthophotomosaic of 15-20 cm resolution from an aerial photogrammetric flight over the total area of the municipality of Ovejas in the county of Sucre. For which, our company demonstrated sufficient technical and technological capacity and experience during the selection process to carry out the project. Thus, our company subscribed the contract that has as object: ""To generate an orthophotomosaic of the total area of the Project, that is to say, of 45,925.301 hectares located in the municipality of Ovejas (Sucre), whose absolute positional accuracy is of quality superior to 1m CE95. (SUB-METER POSITIONAL ACCURACY)"". The above, in the period from May 15, 2018 to July 21, 2018.

Legal Option, Ovejas, Sucre

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