ARD Inc. Branch. Colombia - San Jacinto, Bolivar

Multipurpose Land Registry

“Nuestra Tierra Próspera” is a USAID Program implemented by ARD Inc. Sucursal Colombia in Colombia. The purpose of the Program is to improve the conditions of rural households to achieve licit economic development by strengthening land tenure through: - Mass formalization and cadastral updating - Local strengthening for land administration, and - Strengthening local governance and economic development through strategic public-private partnerships. As part of the activities required the purchase of cartographic inputs of the rural and urban area of the municipality of San Jacinto, county of Bolivar, which will support and strengthen the operation of the program in order to strengthen the municipalities that will be the object of the inputs. For which, our company was the successful bidder of the process, where, it demonstrated high technical capacity and experience for the acquisition and generation of cartographic inputs such as: CARO1000, CARTO5000, ORTO10 and MDT5, which fully complied with the current technical specifications of cartographic products with multipurpose approach issued by the Instituto Geográfico Agustín Codazzi - IGAC. The duration of the project was from April 5 to May 8, 2021.

ARD Inc. Branch. Colombia - San Jacinto, Bolivar

Implemented products

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