Comprehensive Analytical Cadastral System


Strong and integral technological solution, made for the Colombian territory, that allows and provides support in cadastral management and operation with a multipurpose approach. It allows intelligent data capture, management based on projects and requirements, multitemporal analysis of the information, in addition, it has integration of geographic components of very high precision and quality that allow to act correctly in the territory.
Comprehensive Analytical Cadastral System

Comprehensive Analytical Cadastral System

The Comprehensive Analytical Cadastral System of ISATECH Corporation is a robust technological solution that comprises a federated system of applications consisting of six main components, which are implemented in an emergent way in the cadastral management process in relation to the training, updating, conservation and dissemination of information. This contributes to the objective of the multipurpose cadastre in order to support legal security, allocate the best resources as an instrument for the formulation of public policies, as well as the development and organization of territories in a digital and interoperable way.

Cadastral Conservation Module

One of the modules that the System has is the Cadastral Conservation module, which will allow the cadastral base to be in force in the territorial entity.

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