Bathymetric equipment


Topographic survey of the relief of land surfaces covered by water, whether it is the bottom of the sea or the bottom of river beds, marshes, wetlands, lakes, reservoirs, etc., i.e., mapping of the bottoms of different bodies of water.



This model of echo sounder is protected and waterproof Echotrac CVM by Teledyne Odom surpasses the performance of all echo sounders in its Echotrac CVM Teledyne Odom category offering the best portability without sacrificing the usual performance of Odom equipment. It is equipped with an OTSBB200 / 33-5 / 23 dual frequency hydrographic transducer ideal for bathymetry in rivers and even in seas up to 2000 meters underwater. It has dual frequency or single frequency configurations, option-al integrated DGPS and PC Notebook with software for data acquisition installed, the CVM has every-thing you need in an echo sounder even when portability is no problem.

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