Enterprise architecture solutions, software development and geoinformatic products focused on maximizing the profitability and efficiency of your business as well as multipurpose land registry, municipal administrations, the agroindustry and hydrocarbon sector.

Development of tools in a web environment


A survey of requirements and design of the processes of your organization will be carried out through a robust enterprise architecture analysis. This allows the activities of your operation to be systematized, which leads to a detailed control of schedules, costs and the execution time of activities.


ISATECH CORPORATION SAS in alliance with its strategic partner OPCIÓN LEGAL has experience in updating and formalizing land registry processes. We carried out the formalization process in the municipality of Ovejas - Sucre, the only successful multipurpose land registry pilot in the country.


In support of the actions of the different municipal agencies, a robust comprehensive analysis tool has been developed, which combines current geospatial information with various inputs arranged in mod-ules to promote the orderly and synchronized development of the municipality.


Comprehensive Analytical Cadastral System – SKY

ISATECH is aware of the current challenges of the country in operational terms regarding the implementation of the multipurpose cadastre. It has identified the need to provide a comprehensive solution in accordance with the current regulatory and technical framework. This state-of-the-art tool corresponds with an ecosystem of specialized services, with a flexible and adaptable architecture fit for the reality of the Colombian territory, conceived and designed to be the most robust in the market since it summarizes all the activities related to the cadastral operation and management process. This includes the training, updating, preservation and dissemination of information.

This solution includes an intelligent data capture system in zero connectivity conditions, which allows a synchronization adaptable to the possibilities of Internet connection in the Colombian territory. It also meets all the capture needs in the field, controlling and optimizing time, resources and efforts. It is based on technology as a structuring and process optimizer element, it has 24/7 support, it is digital and interoperable and integrates the LADM-COL (ISO 19152), INTERLIS and CityGML standards. ISATECH CORPORATION, as a complement to the comprehensive analytical cadastral system, provides the cadastral operation service directly or through its allies, including the execution of the property sweep for the massive achievement of tests, through the implementation of direct, indirect and collaborative methods, for the collection and completion of the property tax form, boundary records, formation of files, preparation of the legal technical diagnosis, preparation of property plans and the technical drafting of boundaries. It also contributes its vast experience in the generation of cartographic inputs through the use of its own manned aircraft and equipment. It owns the latest technology in accordance with current technical regulations, incorporating an internal quality system that allows the review of the intervention units prior to the validation of the regulatory entities, guaranteeing quality and continuous support.

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